The Intrigues behind Rosberg’s 2014 Monaco GP Victory

hamilton-rosbergIf there is one thing that Monaco Grand Prix is renowned for it has to be drama. 2014 GP was no different, and in fact, heading to the race, there was already palpable tension between Hamilton and Rosberg, the two Mercedes AMG drivers.

Now that the dust has settled and 2015 action is beckoning with even more exciting action expected, why not take a look at what really ensued. Take a look:

1.       Singapore GP, the Pot Calling the Kettle  Black

It looked like a minor thing, but when Rosberg found out that Hamilton had altered settings of his car to stay ahead, he was livid. Well, Rosberg was discovered to have used the same higher power settings at Bahrain to pass and it became a case of the pot calling the kettle black. From this point it was on.

2.       Who is Made of Steel?

Before Monaco GP 2014, Hamilton had said he was hungrier for victory considering his upbringing. This was a direct jibe at Rosberg, who was born with a silver-spoon as they say. He was jet setting with his dad as a kid and Hamilton wanted to show he was just in F1 for fun and not real passion. Telling this to his team colleague clearly raised the bar in rivalry and what happened next was predictable.

3.       Rosberg Springs a Schumacher Qualifying Trick

Qualifying on Saturday was intense, and while Rosberg was ahead, it was obvious Hamilton was aiming at wrestling pole from him. In a move that pundits say was copied directly from Schumacher’s 2006 qualifying move, Rosberg went off the tracks at Turn 5 Mirabeau, which brought out yellow flags. This ruined Hamilton’s fastest lap considering Rosberg had reversed his car back to the track.

4.       Post Qualification Investigations

FIA is very strict when it comes to rules, but stewards found after examining video evidence and telemetry data that Rosberg was indeed innocent. As they say, no one really knows what happens in an accident and in this case, only Rosberg knows what really happened.

5.       The Battle on Race Sunday

While Hamilton was still fuming, Rosberg was plotting how to bag his second title at home. Nico led from Hamilton, but it was a close battle which was muddled by the team’s failure to call him to pit after the second safety car session. At least this is according to Hamilton, who criticized the team on radio saying the strategy denied him a chance to overtake Rosberg.

Well, from Monaco it was obvious there was no love lost between the two Mercedes drivers and things went down south from here, culminating in the Spa Francorchmaps debacle.

What does this portend for Monaco 2015 GP? Fun galore, which is all Formula One is about.